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Stevia Extract

Stevia and Stevioside

should be incorporated into the lifestyle of everyone who wants healthy natural foods. They are perfect for people following the Atkins® diet or any other low carb diet. People who are weight conscious; diabetics and others who have blood sugar disorders, and the yeast intolerant can benefit from stevia and stevioside. JAJA stevia products have an exceptional taste, and superior properties. They are indeed superior to any other stevia product on the market... bar none. Our products are unadulterated, and are diabetic and candida friendly. They are perfect for the gourmet in all of us. Treat yourself to a product that is free of calories, free of carbohydrates, free of fat and tastes great.

JAJA Stevioside

has no bitter, licorice, or grassy taste or aftertaste.

People who have used other stevia and stevia extract are amazed when they try JAJA Stevioside™. They always ask if anything is added. The answer is absolutely nothing is added. Because our products taste so good we don't have to mask any bad flavor. Or hide poor quality low grade product.

Natural Extraction and Great Taste

JAJA Stevioside is extracted using the all natural aqueous extraction method,and air dried. There is no chemical processing used, and nothing added. What you get is the purest, best tasting stevia extract on the market today. If you like the taste of wheat grass juice, use other products. If you like the clean taste of cane sugar try JAJA Stevioside.  We don't say our product is sweet, but then we don't have to. Wanna try some?


Our Stevia extract JAJA Stevioside are tested for bacteria, chemicals, and toxic elements to assure their safety. JAJA Stevioside is also taste tested batch by batch. Any batch that does not meet our high standards is sold to other companies who are forbidden to label it as JAJA Stevioside.


Our stevia extract JAJA Stevioside is pure extract guaranteed to be 95% minimum stevioside compound, the rest is made up of other naturally occurring elements in the plant, such as rebaudicides, moisture, etc. There are no additives or bulking agents such as maltodextrin (:a complex carbohydrate made from corn or rice):, starch, silica, or fillers that dilute the taste, quality, and health characteristics of the product. We could call our product an aspartame alternative, but our product is all natural not an artificial sweetener that turns into formaldehyde when heated.

We listen to you

We were the first company to package stevioside in shake top bottles. This was due to complaints of waste in the individual packets by our customers. Other companies may try to copy our packaging, but none can copy our taste. Check out our new model of the shake top bottle. It is an improved container easier to carry from the original. It is refillable, so you after you run out you can save money and buy our stevia extract in bulk.

Where To Purchase Pure Stevioside

Order your Stevia or Stevioside (stevia extract) here on line today!
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